How to Make Good First Impressions

  You only get one chance to make a good first impression. That’s why it’s critical to be on your game when it counts. First impressions happen fast and once they are formed, they’re very hard to change.  Can we learn how to make good first impressions? Yes!  In this age of hyper-connectivity through social…Read moreRead more

Cut Negativity from your Life

An important step to achieving your goals in life is to create an environment that’s conducive for your success.  You’ve probably seen the quote floating around Instagram, “When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”  To me, it means: cut everything and everyone out of your life…Read moreRead more

5 Easy Ways to Put More Money In your Pocket

  1. Stop getting take out coffee at Starbucks or Dunks and Bring your Lunch to Work   Let me start by saying, I love my daily Venti Iced Cold Brew from Starbucks. I know many of you do too. Have you ever added up how much you spend a year going out for coffee…Read moreRead more

Finding your Why

Every successful business pro or entrepreneur begins any venture by defining their “why.” Why is this job important to you? Why is this business idea so important? Will this change people’s lives? Will it fill a need? Will it fulfill you? Do you believe in it? Will this get you up everyday to work?  Make…Read moreRead more

Best Strategy for New Real Estate Investors

  Throughout my adult life, I’ve thought over and analyzed whether or not to start investing in real estate. I always knew it was a good investment when done right. Growing up in a country with high population density like Taiwan, real estate was a very valuable commodity. The people that owned tall apartment buildings…Read moreRead more

10 Things you need for a productive Home Office

    According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 percent of employed people did some or all their work at home in 2015 (latest data). Other surveys claim that percentage is up to 43 of all employed people who’ve spent at least some time telecommuting. My generation and younger are forcing…Read moreRead more

How to Stay Fit for Business Travelers

  Business travel can wreak havoc on your body. Extended of periods of sitting, eating fast food on the road, entertaining clients all can negatively affect your health and waistline. It happened to me the last couple years but I was able to turn things around and get back to being healthy.  Here are some…Read moreRead more

3 Rules for Dressing to Impress (in the workplace)

  I need to preface my post that these are going to be tips for men. Sorry ladies, don’t know enough about it to write a helpful post. Plus, who am I to comment on women’s fashion?  Growing up with two parents who were in the shoe industry, I was constantly immersed in shoe and…Read moreRead more

A Simplified Guide on how to Sell anything

  Modern salesmanship has been honed down to a science. It used to be looked at like an art, which, we now realize was only partly true. The truth is that sales is more science than art but some have a natural ability that can’t be taught. For those of us who need a little…Read moreRead more

Use Business Etiquette to Improve your Financial Success

  The explosion of the internet in the 90’s introduced the world to a new group of renegade millionaire entrepreneurs that were brash and not afraid to run their businesses how they saw fit. They were tired of the old business culture of wearing suits and carrying briefcases. They went into the office in Hawaiian…Read moreRead more