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Layupforlife is a passion project that started after my dad passed away, Memorial Day Weekend 2018. Starting a blog has always been something I wanted to do, but never got around to it because my life was too “busy.” His passing had a profound effect on me, which, put life into perspective. I stopped putting it off and started writing.

My mission is to share my experiences, lessons learned, and tools I use; to help motivated people improve and achieve their goals. My focus is on the whole person, not just financial or business advice. Your mentality about life has more to do with your potential financial success than intelligence or investment strategy.

I’m a seasoned sales professional who started as an assistant and is now consistently a top-performer in my field. I know how to earn money and make it work through multiple passive income streams.

My personal goal is to be completely debt free and have enough saved, by the time my kids are in college (if they choose to attend), to retire and travel.

I appreciate everyone visiting Layupforlife and look forward to sharing this journey with you.


What you can expect

So, what can you expect here? I’ll be sharing what Hans taught me, and what I learned along the way. We’ll talk about money skills: both how to make money and what to do once you have it. I’ll be drawing on my sales experience, but this site isn’t just for sales professionals. After all, there’s salesmanship in everything, whether you’re asking your boss for a raise, interviewing for a new job, or even asking someone on a date. Sales is everyday life.

Together we can learn to nail the layup — and to keep putting the points on the board to score the life that we’ve dreamed of.

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