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I get questions about how I create content for Layupforlife. My goal and vision for the Layupforlife blog are to provide content on how to create sustainable wealth, with a focus on the whole person. Not your cookie cutter personal finance advice. 

Having a clear vision from the start helped me come up with my first 50 blog post ideas. One by one I fleshed out each idea and started writing. I choose topics that are relevant at the time in my life and current events. 

My next step is to research each idea to an informed opinion or recommendation. 

Each blog post idea starts with a thesis that turns into an outline. Having an outline keeps me organized and focused on the topic at hand. 

The first draft is always a rough working draft. After I finish, I put that draft away and don’t re-read it until (at least) the next day. Sleeping on a blog post idea helps to clear my mind and re-think the idea with a fresh perspective. 

Next, I re-read the draft and edit it for flow and grammar. Sometimes I use a freelance editor for my writing because I don’t always have the time to edit. Plus, having a professional editor is a must these days for high-quality polished content. Readers will move on from your site if you don’t provide a high level of quality. There’s too much competition for eyeballs out there… 

However, freelancers can get costly if you’re not monetizing your blog. 

That’s why I started using Grammarly. 

Grammarly is an app or extension for your browser that checks your grammar, spelling, and plagiarism in real time, on a number of different platforms like WordPress, Microsoft Word, Facebook, and more. 

Think of Grammarly as a grammar assistant. 

  • Grammarly corrects in real time
    • This has changed the game for checking your work, editing to create content faster. 
    • Seeing errors as they happen allows me to change them right away, resulting in a cleaner final result. 
  • It is highly accurate
    • The software might misunderstand context or place a comma where it shouldn’t be, but overall this is extremely accurate when it comes to correcting grammar. 
  • It is very easy to use
    • You do not have to be a programmer to install it and use it. It works after you install the plugin with easy to follow instructions. It underlines words and phrases, in red, that it identifies as needing correction. 

Like with any software, it cannot do everything a human can do but it is great for bloggers like me because it checks grammar in real-time. This allows me to get content out more quickly than using an editor. 

Grammarly isn’t the only editing program or extension out there. Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, and Evernote have editing features but I find that Grammarly is the most accurate and easiest to understand. 

If you need a writing assistant, check out Grammarly for yourself below. 

Grammarly Writing Support

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