Finding your Why

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Every successful business pro or entrepreneur begins any venture by defining their “why.” Why is this job important to you? Why is this business idea so important? Will this change people’s lives? Will it fill a need? Will it fulfill you? Do you believe in it? Will this get you up everyday to work? 

Make sure you ask yourself these kinds of questions to analyze and decide what your next move is. Listen to what your “gut” says. Your “gut” isn’t just a hunch that you have. It’s your brain telling you to make a decision based on all of the information it’s stored over a lifetime. 

When you’re asking yourselves these questions, give honest answers. We don’t always give ourselves honest answers because we have preconceived notions of what our peers would say about an idea. It’s not easy to have people that you respect call you crazy or tell you it won’t work, or give you a sarcastic “good luck.” 

Find a way to block all that noise from your decision making. Great ideas, products, technological developments are made from people having the conviction to do things differently, no matter how unconventional it seems to the outside. 

Why is figuring our your “why” so important? It all boils down to doing things you are passionate about.

So why do I do what I do? 

My “why” is: My wife and my two sons. They’re all that matter to me. That’s why I save, invest, pursue opportunities, and work hard to give them a great life and home. I would literally do anything and everything for them and that’s what drives me. 

Once you identify this, the next step is defining what and how you will take care of your “why.” 

In my example, my motivation is to provide a secure life and opportunities for my family. There’s a dollar amount attached to this. Identify what that number is.

If that number is $10,000 per month, then you can achieve that by: getting a job that nets you $120,000 per year. Sell “x” product or service for $50/unit 200 times. Rent out 20 properties that each bring in $500 positive cash flow (profit) per month. 

There are a million ways to achieve the number you want. After you know why you want to get there, the rest becomes clearer. For instance, continuing with my example above, what kind of jobs net you $120k annually? How can you get those jobs? Does it align with your values and motivations? How much money do you need to raise to have 20 properties to rent. 

You’ll gain momentum as soon as you are passionate about it. Passion will push you to go to night school. Passion will push you to work on a side hustle in your free time. Passion will take you far. 

There are endless resources out there to achieve your goals. Identify your why and go for it! 

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