Managing Holiday Stress

  The media generally depict the holiday season as a magical time of generosity and learning lessons. Behind all that “magic” are hardworking people trying to live up to unrealistic expectations (that we set for ourselves). Which leads me to this blog post’s topic, managing holiday stress. Many people overextend themselves over the holidays because…Read moreRead more

How to Turn a Hobby into a Small Business

  Most of us have passions outside of our careers, but those passions become hobbies because we’ve all been told to make sensible career choices.  To quote the great Jimmy O Yang, who plays Jian Yang on Silicon Valley, “In my Chinese family, my dad always tell me: ‘Pursuing your dreams is for losers. Doing…Read moreRead more

Side Hustle Idea: Career Coaching

  Many of you are motivated and want to get ahead financially. A great way to accelerate your financial independence, other than getting a raise or promotion, is to start a side hustle. However, the question all of us have is, what should you do for a side hustle? Some people drive Uber or Lyft…Read moreRead more

7 Steps to Get More Followers on Instagram

  I started Layupforlife 2 1/2 months ago with the goal of sharing knowledge that can help my readers reach their goals. I’m very fortunate that my readership and social media presence has grown steadily. A common question that comes up in my DM’s is – how to get more followers on Instagram.    Here…Read moreRead more

Finding your Why

Every successful business pro or entrepreneur begins any venture by defining their “why.” Why is this job important to you? Why is this business idea so important? Will this change people’s lives? Will it fill a need? Will it fulfill you? Do you believe in it? Will this get you up everyday to work?  Make…Read moreRead more