Why Intelligence Has Less To Do With Success Than You Think

  Have you ever heard the phrase, “if you’re so smart why aren’t you rich?” At face value, it makes sense that smart people should have an easy time to figure out how to make money. If someone can build a rocket, shouldn’t they also be able to figure out how to make a little…Read moreRead more

The Importance of Mental Health for your Financial Success

  This past year has been full of major life events for me. I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, gave up alcohol (12 months and counting), my dad died after a decade long battle with Alzheimers, planning his funeral, having another baby, my brother’s diagnosis of lymphoma, and we still have another couple weeks to…Read moreRead more

How to Find Your Passion

  If you google ‘follow your passion,’ you will find over 400 million results telling you to find your passion to pursue a career.  I’m here to tell you – IGNORE THAT ADVICE   How many times have you heard self help gurus tell you to follow your passion and you will never work a…Read moreRead more

Advice to my Younger Self

  Growing up, I had a predetermined path of graduating high school and going to college; which, was set forth by my parents. The advice my parents and college counselor gave me was; find the right college and get good grades. College was a good experience (i met some of my closest friends at freshmen…Read moreRead more

Change your Life – Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

  We all have pity parties for ourselves sometimes. Sometimes you can’t help but feel like the world is against you. But guess what? No one cares. The world doesn’t care. The world doesn’t owe you anything. The best way to change your life positively is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. No one cares! …Read moreRead more

Professional Networking Tips

  Professional networking is a critical skill to further your career and find opportunity. It comes natural to me because I’m a sales professional but it doesn’t for many. Social skills are more valuable now than ever before because we live in a world where people are constantly looking at screens instead of interacting with…Read moreRead more

Self Care: Sleep Edition

  I’m a big believer in the importance of self care because it gets you to perform at a high level and have the capacity to take care of others. There’s a reason why airlines tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping anyone else (even your own kid), in case of…Read moreRead more

How to Handle Customer Complaints

  In my line of work, sales, you work at a breakneck pace to: prospect, develop customers, and close deals.  At most organizations you’re dealing with: Personal goals and expectations of how much you want to sell   Internal support staff’s motivations and goals  Management squeezing every last penny of revenue out of their sales…Read moreRead more

Side Hustle Idea: Career Coaching

  Many of you are motivated and want to get ahead financially. A great way to accelerate your financial independence, other than getting a raise or promotion, is to start a side hustle. However, the question all of us have is, what should you do for a side hustle? Some people drive Uber or Lyft…Read moreRead more

The Importance of Self Care for Your Success

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin  How many of us run ourselves ragged on a regular basis? My days usually go something like this:  Get the kids ready, get them to school, protein bar and coffee on the way into work, work all day (probably more if there’s…Read moreRead more