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Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to visit Layup For Life. I’m Peter — I’m a sales rep living north of Boston with my beautiful wife and two sons. I’m a husband, father, son, brother, employee and lover of life who believes that genuine relationships are the key to success. On this page, I’m going to show you why.

My Family

To understand my approach to life and business, you need to know about my childhood. I was born and raised in Taiwan, to a German father and Taiwanese mom. I spoke English at school, German to my dad and Mandarin to my mom (I’m still fluent in German and conversational in Mandarin). My school classmates were from all over the globe. On the weekends I watched my dad bring out his Rolodex and make expensive international calls, because maintaining his relationships was so important to him. On vacations, my parents took me and my three siblings around the world to visit family. Leaving Taiwan we’d land in Hawaii, then head to Chicago or New Jersey before crossing the Atlantic to visit my grandmother in Germany.

Growing up in such a diverse environment taught me to embrace different perspectives — something that still helps me solve problems today. I learned that we all bring our own life experiences and other views are just as legitimate as my own. I also learned that in the end, no matter what culture or value system we’re from, we all want the same things: a safe place to live, something to eat and time to spend with our families.

My Inspiration

My father, Hans, was instrumental to my success. When I was a kid, he made sure I was exposed to the global community. As an adult he taught me about hard work — that you have to put in the hours to enjoy success. But behind the big lessons were the little things: looking people in the eye, and listening to them; sharing ideas; shaking hands; and taking an interest in something other than yourself — basic stuff that not enough people do.

Last May, my dad passed away. While I was heartbroken, I also realized how lucky I had been to have a wonderful role model who taught me about family, finances and finding your purpose. I started Layup for Life to pass those lessons on, and pay it forward in Dad’s memory. There’s nothing he would like more than to know we built a thriving community where we could share successes and support each other.

Layup For Life

I’m a big sports fan. In basketball, a layup isn’t the most glamorous shot, but it’s safe and reliable. This appeals to me, because I know that making consistent, safe decisions can have a big impact on your life. Life doesn’t have to be difficult all the time and the flashiest move doesn’t always have the biggest payoff.

So, what can you expect here? I’ll be sharing what Hans taught me, and what I learned along the way. We’ll talk about money skills: both how to make money and what to do once you have it. I’ll be drawing on my sales experience, but this site isn’t just for sales professionals. After all, there’s salesmanship in everything, whether you’re asking your boss for a raise, interviewing for a new job, or even asking someone on a date. Sales is everyday life.

Together we can learn to nail the layup — and to keep putting the points on the board to score the life that we’ve dreamed of.


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