Millennial Money Rules 2019 (continued) – Financial Tools You Need

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If you read my Millennial Money Rules blog post recently, I outlined steps you can take to improve your financial standing in life. Now that you have the Millennial Money Rules, here are the tools I recommend to help you execute your plan. 

myFICO score 

Don’t let poor credit stand in the way of achieving your dreams. Credit reports and credit scores don’t have to be a mystery – myFICO is here to help you learn and take control.

For more than 25 years, FICO® Scores have been the industry standard in helping millions of people buy homes and cars, rent an apartment, get a credit card, and receive better interest rates. With over 90% of lending institutions using FICO® Scores, is your one-stop credit education solution for answering questions and understanding your FICO® Scores and credit reports.

Your FICO scores can affect your loan interest rates, terms, approvals, and more. Learn more about credit and how you can improve yours here.


CIT Bank High Yield Savings account 

Anybody who knows personal financial strategy knows that you need an emergency fund. The money set aside should be liquid. In a crisis, you’ll need the money fast. I recommend having 3-6 months of living expenses set aside for emergencies like: 

  • Job loss
  • Car Repair 
  • Major Home Issue 
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pet Care Expenses
  • Travel emergency 

Open a CIT Bank Money Market Account. With a rate that’s more than 12 times higher than that of a traditional bank, your emergency savings will grow faster.5 You also get the benefit of daily compounding interest.

Set up automatic weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits so that your emergency savings account continues to grow. Be committed to reaching your goal.

Open a CIT Bank money market account and get 1.85% here

Savings Builder


M1 Finance 

Free automated investment into 401k or Roth IRA 

Who said investing has to be complicated? M1’s sleek, intuitive interface makes managing your investments easier than ever. Plus, they don’t charge commissions or management fees, so your money can go even further for your future. 

Spend more time doing what you love and less time managing your investments. M1 blends key investing principles with powerful digital technology to simplify the investing process, so you can build wealth effortlessly. 

Stop wasting time placing trades. With M1, just build a portfolio of the investments you want, and they’ll automatically put your money to work. 

M1’s intelligent automation allocates money from every deposit to maintain your target asset allocation and ensure your portfolio stays on track. 

The other cool thing about M1 Finance is that you can buy fractional shares so you’re fully invested — down to the penny. 


M1 Finance



Diversify your investments by investing in personal loans (credit risk based on FICO scores) and earn interest by being the bank. 

The average FICO score of Prosper borrowers is 710 (US average is 695) 

$109,005 is the average annual income of Prosper borrowers

Prosper was America’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace and has had $14 billion worth of loans funded (and counting) since 2006. 

See why others are choosing Prosper as another investment vehicle. 


Prosper Debt Consolidation Loans



If all of this is too overwhelming or confusing to keep straight, I recommend going to a certified financial planner. SmartAsset is an innovative company who uses a proprietary algorithm to match you with financial planners near you. 


Bonus – Money Metals Exchange

Now you can safeguard your assets from financial turmoil and the devaluing dollar – without paying costly middleman mark-ups or fending off high pressure, bait-and-switch sales tactics. Savvy, self-reliant investors are embracing Money Metals Exchange as their trustworthy resource for gold and silver bullion.

The reasons for our rapid growth are simple and straightforward – Money Metals Exchange is secure, private and offers you the most gold and silver for your money. After balloting of more than 20,000 industry insiders and investors across the globe, the company was recently named precious metals “Dealer of the Year” by industry ratings group Bullion.Directory. That’s because Money Metals offers great value with high integrity, and it’s totally beginner friendly — focusing on educating its customers and answering their questions.


Buy Gold and Silver - Money Metals Exchange

Go and get that money!



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