7 Steps to Get More Followers on Instagram

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I started Layupforlife 2 1/2 months ago with the goal of sharing knowledge that can help my readers reach their goals. I’m very fortunate that my readership and social media presence has grown steadily. A common question that comes up in my DM’s is – how to get more followers on Instagram. 


Here is my 7 Step strategy on Instagram to gain more followers:


  1. Decide on your brand 


What is the goal of your profile? What are you promoting? 

Once you decide on the goal of who you want to reach. Start posting relevant content with a cohesive aesthetic. Use the same filter on all of your pictures. Organize your posts so they look cohesive when someone is viewing your profile. Make sure your content is consistent with your other media channels – twitter, facebook, website, youtube, etc. 

Come up with a handle that is easy to remember and relevant to your brand. Use Google Keywords to research words that get searched most in your niche. 

Add a clever caption and call to action in your bio. Link to your blog, website, store, whatever.. 


2. Post Content 


Post content regularly. I’m talking 3 times a day. I recommend sitting down a couple times a week to plan the content that you will post throughout the week. Then, use an Instagram Posting tools like – Buffer for Instagram, Later, Hootsuite, Sendible. These tools will allow you to schedule your posts throughout the week. 

All of your posts should reflect your personality and brand. People can spot a phony right away. 

Personal posts get the most engagement through likes and comments. Not surprisingly, cute pets are right behind in the types of posts that get the most likes and comments. Don’t get caught up in these rankings if it doesn’t work for your niche. 


3. Curate your Content 


Post pictures and content that are attractive to your target audience. Research how other successful influencers in your niche are posting their content. Which posts get the most engagement? 

Use that knowledge and use it to create your own branded content. 

Again, make sure that everything you post is cohesive with all of your other branding and messaging. 

Pro tip: The Gingham Filter gets the most likes and comments. Clarendon is a close second. 

4. Engage with the Instagram Community 

Search for successful influencers in your niche and engage in the comments section with other commenters. It’s amazing what a quick chat in a comments section can start. 

Follow other influencers and like their posts. The more you engage, the more followers you will gain. 

Ask popular influencers in your niche to promote your profile. This may cost you a little dough but could bump up your following. If you don’t have money to spare, think about exchanging services or collaborations that are win-win. 


5. Use relevant hashtags


Use relevant hashtags in your niche. I try to pick hashtags that aren’t in the millions so that it is targeted and easier to find. Google Keyword Planner can help here as well. Filter out Mid and High Competition level words/phrases to find words that have demand but low competition. 

Use the same hashtags that successful influencers do in your niche. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. 


6. Write witty captions 


Data says that people engage more with posts that have longer captions than shorter ones.

Your captions should reflect the content that your target audience is interested in. Be authentic and try to give people an emotional response. People buy on emotion.


7. Target your geographic location 


This is especially important if you have brick and mortar or provide physical services. For instance, if you have a restaurant in Boston, who cares if thousands of people from India follow your page? 

Check hashtags of your city and state to see what people in your area are doing. Do the same with location tags to see if any relevant events are happening.


These are the strategies that I am using to grow my Instagram Presence. I will continue to learn strategies to see how I can improve and increase my reach. As always, I will document my experiences and share my successes with you. Sign up to my email list for more content like this. 



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