7 In Demand Freelancer Gigs on Fiverr

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Being a freelancer is a lucrative way to earn money as a sidegig or as a full-time career. I’ve read that someone earned close to $1million dollars through sites like Fiverr. That being said, many people want to start freelance work but don’t know where to start. 

Here are 7 of my favorite gigs that you can offer as freelance work through Fiverr

  1. Logo Design 

Are you a creative person? Do you know graphic design? Logo design is one of the most sought after gigs on Fiverr. This is true for anyone starting a sidegig or an entrepreneur. I hired a freelancer to design my logo because design is not one of my strengths. 

If you’re creative but don’t know how to design a logo, take an online course to learn how. 

Or, if you’re a creative person and have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, or any graphical software, you are ready to freelance on Fiverr and earn thousands of dollars. 

2. Whiteboard Animations 

Whiteboard animations are very popular in marketing, both for internal corporate marketing and outbound marketing. If you work in corporate America, you’ve probably seen your share of whiteboard animation videos. Ever wonder who makes them? 

Marketers find freelancers on sites like Fiverr to create them. 

Search “Whiteboard Animation” on Fiverr and you’ll be amazed at the results you get. 

To get started, go to Sparkol to sign up for a free trial. The software is very intuitive and easy to learn. They also have many how-to videos that show you step by step how to make whiteboard animation. 

3. Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing is a must for any successful business in 2019. Large corporations have teams of social media marketers but what about the little guys? Small to medium-sized businesses need and want a social media marketing strategy also. 

This includes — creating a social media marketing strategy, creating content, managing accounts, facebook, and Instagram ads. 

If you spend a lot of time on social media, learn how to make money off of it. There are classes on CreativeLive on how to make money with social media. 

You can potentially earn thousands of dollars a month being a social media marketing freelancer if you have multiple clients (repeat). 

4. Creating Video Content

Anyone that’s been paying attention to business communication and marketing knows that video content is where it’s at in 2019. 

An easy service that people will pay for is Video Testimonials for a product or service. All you need is a good camera, mic, lighting, a computer. 

Here is a great article on the equipment you need to get started creating video content online.

5. Voiceover work 

Voiceovers are in high demand at Fiverr. Clients look for voice-over artists to record commercials, audio books, youtube videos. 

Get a decent microphone and recording software to begin. Start by recording some samples and post your first gig on Fiverr now!

Here’s a great article on recording software

6. Proofreading

Cash in on your English skills by offering proofreading services. Statistics show that proofreaders are highly sought after on Fiverr. 

You can even use software like Grammarly to help. Grammarly is the most intuitive and simple to use proofreading software available in my opinion. 


7. Write Copy 

Many small businesses don’t have the manpower to write copy for their marketing materials or case studies. Use your experience to provide a much needed service. 

You can provide freelance work to write any type of business communication. 

Grammarly is useful for this endeavor to provide professionally written edited copy. 

These are some of the few gigs you can provide as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills and earn money to achieve your financial goals. 


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