How to Write Better Cold Emails

  Every top performing sales professional knows that email prospecting is one of the most effective ways to get in front of potential customers.  You might be thinking: but I hate spam emails! Why would you send spam emails to your prospects? You want them to like you (and eventually make a purchasing decision). I…Read moreRead more

Why Intelligence Has Less To Do With Success Than You Think

  Have you ever heard the phrase, “if you’re so smart why aren’t you rich?” At face value, it makes sense that smart people should have an easy time to figure out how to make money. If someone can build a rocket, shouldn’t they also be able to figure out how to make a little…Read moreRead more

How to Add Value

If you’re an aspiring online entrepreneur and are doing your research, you’ve seen many ‘gurus’ preaching: provide value. Value means different things to different people.  The definition of Value (as a noun) according to Miriam Webster is:  ‘Usefulness or importance’ No one can deny the value of a good education. The broccoli adds color and…Read moreRead more

Managing Holiday Stress

  The media generally depict the holiday season as a magical time of generosity and learning lessons. Behind all that “magic” are hardworking people trying to live up to unrealistic expectations (that we set for ourselves). Which leads me to this blog post’s topic, managing holiday stress. Many people overextend themselves over the holidays because…Read moreRead more

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

  Check out these last minute Christmas gift ideas. Happy Holidays!     Deck the Halls with Team Spirit – Fanatics   Get great gear at Fanatics for the sports fan in your family. Football Season is nearing the playoffs and the basketball season. I’m always happy to get my team’s hooded sweatshirt that I…Read moreRead more

Effective Cold Calling

  Most people hate the idea of cold calling. It’s probably not far behind public speaking as far as the biggest fear. That’s because most think of cold calling as annoying telemarketing. It is not! I think of cold calling as talking to people who don’t know you, or your product (or service) yet. Obviously…Read moreRead more

The Importance of Mental Health for your Financial Success

  This past year has been full of major life events for me. I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, gave up alcohol (12 months and counting), my dad died after a decade long battle with Alzheimers, planning his funeral, having another baby, my brother’s diagnosis of lymphoma, and we still have another couple weeks to…Read moreRead more

Holiday Gift Guide: Most Bang For Your Buck Men’s Automatic Mechanical Watches under $500 edition

  I’ve loved collecting watches all my life but have gotten more serious about it recently because I’m in the fortunate position to have a little extra disposable income. I own watches in many price tiers but this list is about those watches that enthusiasts love because you get great bang for your buck. There’s…Read moreRead more

How to Find Your Passion

  If you google ‘follow your passion,’ you will find over 400 million results telling you to find your passion to pursue a career.  I’m here to tell you – IGNORE THAT ADVICE   How many times have you heard self help gurus tell you to follow your passion and you will never work a…Read moreRead more

Advice to my Younger Self

  Growing up, I had a predetermined path of graduating high school and going to college; which, was set forth by my parents. The advice my parents and college counselor gave me was; find the right college and get good grades. College was a good experience (i met some of my closest friends at freshmen…Read moreRead more